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The Deep Forest Heart by Simbaro
The Deep Forest Heart
You know how most of us keep going back to a painting or another, because of some inexplicable itch? Well, this particular piece turned out to be that, and I've been using it as a test bed for lots of small experiments I learnt this few months.

Can I conclusively say that this piece is finished for me? Maybe, but I gotta close this book sooner or later, and this is probably the final rendition, save tiny edits if there's time. It's time I moved onto another experiment.
Lullaby Project Cathedral Board 2 by Simbaro
Lullaby Project Cathedral Board 2
Haven't posted here in awhile, so have another of these color boards. 

Trailers for lullaby and promotion for it will start around the end of next month. A lot of these backgrounds need to go through one final polish pass. After that, warpout will be able to create small teasers for you guys to enjoy.

School, and my final year will be coming along soon. I have three particular pencil pieces that I really, really want to get out of my head however, and I will try to make time for them as much as possible.

Traditional watercolor base with digital work
To Love A Hero by Simbaro
To Love A Hero
Is probably really hard, what with all that wasteland emotional baggage they bring around. 

Started out as a study of light and shadow, somehow became a pony picture, a fallout equestria one no less. Reread the whole thing few weeks back.

School's been done with close to three weeks now! Finally getting back into my groove with Warpout on Lullaby Project.

Maybe you guys have already seen Silly Filly Studio's Fall of the Crystal Empire. Our tiny tiny team of 3, Warpout, Me, and occasional helper Cmaggot, have been working on Lullaby close to a year now. There's a reason I'm not uploading as much as I used to here. Most school stuff is on another blog, and I don't post 3D works here either. As most of Lullaby Project's backgrounds reach the final watercolor phase, I may post one or two to drum up hype.

Lullaby Project for those who do not know, is a traditionally animated take on PonyPhonics famous song: Lullaby For a Princess. We are using a traditional and watercolor based approach to the mood of the film, since we want it to stand apart from the main canon.

We are looking for: hopefully, a release after August. You heard it hear first! (*Please don't come after me warpout)

Warpout'a DA:
And Youtube:…

Check out my Lullaby Gallery

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i was wondering can I contribute in your MLP Online vector artists?

I am highly skilled in drawing ponies, but quite frankly, I do not post them due to the fact I draw them In my free time.

I would be able to contribute during Monday, Saturday and Sunday, any time which is necessary for you.

I would really appreciate it if you'd except me

thankyou :)
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